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Are you a crossword enthusiast looking to up your game? Knowing a few easy-to-remember baseball terms can make a significant difference in your crossword-solving pastime. America’s favorite pastime, baseball, has left its mark on the world of crossword puzzles. In this article, we’ll explore ten baseball-related terms that frequently appear in crosswords and help you become a more confident solver.

What Are Baseball Terms?

Before we dive into the specific terms, let’s quickly go over what baseball terms are and why they matter in crossword puzzles. Baseball terms refer to the language, jargon, and vocabulary used in the sport of baseball. These terms have unique meanings and are commonly used to describe various aspects of the game.

In the context of crossword puzzles, baseball terms often serve as clues or answers. Understanding these terms will not only help you solve crossword puzzles more efficiently but also deepen your appreciation for the sport itself.

1. ERA and E.R.A.

ERA stands for Earned Run Average, and it is one of the most commonly used words in The New York Times Crossword. In baseball, ERA represents the number of earned runs a pitcher allows per nine innings. Earned runs are runs that score without the aid of an error or a passed ball. A low ERA is usually a sign of an excellent pitcher.

Crossword puzzles generally ignore punctuation and diacritical marks, so you might see ERA or E.R.A. in a puzzle. It’s essential to distinguish between the two, as they have different meanings.

Possible E.R.A. clues: “Pitcher’s stat,” “Diamond stat,” “A pitcher wants a low one, in brief,” “Cy Young Award consideration,” “A good one is under 3.00, in brief,” “Pitching stat,” “Sports stat that’s best when low”

ERA (as it relates to baseball) is used to describe a period of time in the history of the game, such as the 1990s – early 2000s “steroid ERA.”

Possible ERA clues: “Baseball’s steroid ___,” “New ___ (official cap maker of Major League Baseball)”

2. ASH

ASH is a type of wood that has been traditionally used for making baseball bats. While other materials like maple and metal alloy are also used today, ASH remains a frequent term in crossword puzzles. Its short length and versatility make it a handy crossword clue solution.

Possible clues: “Baseball bat wood,” “Bat wood,” “Baseball bat material”

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Ah, the enigmatic TATER! This slang term has a dual meaning – it can refer to a “potato” and also mean a “home run” in baseball. The origin of this baseball-related slang is uncertain, but some speculate that it might be related to the nickname “sacks” for the bases. Others attribute it to Red Sox slugger George Scott, who likened his home runs to one of his favorite foods.

Possible clues: “Four-bagger,” “Long ball,” “Home run, in baseball lingo,” “Home run, slangily”

4. R.B.I.

R.B.I. stands for Runs Batted In, which is a baseball statistic used to evaluate players’ performance. A player is credited with an R.B.I. when their appearance at the plate results in a run being scored, though circumstances may influence whether the run is counted. R.B.I. is a popular term in crossword puzzles, likely due to its double consonant letters that can trick solvers.

Possible clues: “Diamond stat,” “Slugger’s stat,” “Hitter’s stat,” “Baseball stat,” “Ballpark fig.,” “M.L.B. stat,” “Baseball card fig.,” “Column in a box score,” “One hit might result in it, for short,” “One-third of baseball’s Triple Crown, for short,” “Nat stat,” “A sac fly earns one,” “Result of bringing one home, for short”

5. SAC (fly)

SAC is short for “Sacrifice fly,” and it provides crossword solvers with another clue option. In baseball, a sacrifice fly occurs when a batter hits a fly ball to the outfield or foul territory, allowing a runner to score. The batter is credited with an R.B.I. for this play.

Possible clues: “___ fly,” “Kind of fly, for short”

6. TAG

TAG is more than just a kids’ game; it is an essential baseball term. To TAG someone “out” in baseball is to touch a base runner with one’s hand or glove while holding the ball before the runner reaches a base. TAG is frequently used as a crossword clue for baseball-related answers.

Possible clues: “End of a pickoff,” “Cause of a baseball out,” “It may put someone out,” “Finishing touch on a diamond,” “Put out, in a way,” “Make out, in baseball”


Have you ever wondered what those curvy, stitched lines on a baseball are called? Well, they’re SEAMs! A baseball is made from cork, rubber, yarn, and leather, and the 108 double stitches of waxed string hold it all together. These SEAMs serve more than just a decorative purpose; they actually help the ball travel faster and farther through the air.

Possible clues: “Baseball feature,” “Stitched line on a baseball,” “Baseball part”


“Fair is foul, and foul is fair” in “Macbeth,” but the definition of “FOUL” in baseball is quite clear. A ball is considered FOUL when it leaves the “fair” field of play. This term is commonly used in crossword puzzles and offers various clue possibilities.

Possible clues: “Kind of tip, in baseball,” “Fair alternative,” “Fair’s opposite,” “Ball hit out of bounds,” “Infraction,” “Kind of ball or tip,” “Ump’s call,” “Diamond call”


We all make mistakes, even in baseball. In the sport, ERRORS are evaluative statistics given to fielders for various mistakes, such as dropping a ball or making a poor play that allows a runner to advance on the bases. This term often finds its way into crossword puzzles.

Possible clues: “Heading in a baseball box score,” “Heading on a baseball scorecard,” “‘E’ on a baseball scorecard,” “Sports stat,” “Drops, as flies,” “Bad throws, e.g.,” “Field trips,” “Box score figure”

10. AT BAT

“AT BAT” has two meanings in baseball and crossword puzzles. It can refer to a batter “facing the pitcher,” and it is also a statistic (AT-BAT) used to determine a player’s batting average. An AT-BAT occurs when a batter reaches base via a fielder’s choice, hit, or an error, or when a batter is put out on a non-sacrifice play.

Possible clues: “Up,” “Facing the pitcher,” “Opportunity to hit,” “Baseball slugger’s datum,” “Swinger’s opportunity,” “In the box,” “No longer on deck,” “Appearance at home?” “Ready to swing”

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Tips for Solving Baseball-Related Crossword Clues

Now that we’ve explored these ten essential baseball terms, let’s discuss some strategies for solving baseball-themed crossword puzzles:

  1. Look for context: Pay attention to the theme of the crossword puzzle. If it’s baseball-related, chances are there will be clues related to the sport.
  2. Use word patterns: Crossword clues often follow specific word patterns. If you encounter a clue with a baseball term, try to think of related terms that could fit.
  3. Consider abbreviations: Many baseball terms and statistics are abbreviated. If you see an abbreviation in a clue, look for corresponding baseball terms.
  4. Check for clue hints: Crossword clues often contain hints to the answer’s format, such as “in brief” or “for short.” These can guide you to the correct answer.
  5. Practice makes perfect: The more baseball-themed crossword puzzles you solve, the more familiar you’ll become with the related terms.

By incorporating these strategies into your crossword-solving routine, you’ll find that baseball-themed puzzles become more manageable and enjoyable.

Huddle Wrap-Up on Popular Baseball Terms

Congratulations! You’ve now expanded your vocabulary with ten must-know baseball terms for crossword solvers. Understanding these terms will enhance your puzzle-solving skills and make you more confident when facing baseball-related clues. So, the next time you encounter a five-letter slang term for “home run” (it’s TATER!), you’ll fill it in with ease.

Remember to stay curious and keep challenging yourself with crossword puzzles that combine your love for words and baseball. Happy solving!

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