The 2023 Major League Baseball Draft has brought a fresh wave of promising young talent to baseball’s minor league ranks. As teams made their selections, the baseball world eagerly awaited to see which players would become the future stars of the sport.

The Process of 2023 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft is a crucial event in the world of baseball, where teams select players to join their organizations and develop their skills in the minor leagues. The process involves extensive scouting, player evaluations, and strategic planning.

Teams meticulously analyze prospects to identify potential impact players who can contribute to their success in the long run. The selection process is not without its challenges, as teams must strike a balance between players’ potential and the inherent risks associated with drafting young talent.

Standout Selections: Top Prospects and First-Round Picks

At the 2023 MLB Draft, two LSU teammates made history by being selected as the top two picks. The Pittsburgh Pirates kicked off the action by taking LSU right-hander Paul Skenes with the No. 1 overall pick. Notably, the Washington Nationals followed immediately by selecting LSU outfielder Dylan Crews, marking the first time in draft history that a pair of teammates have gone back-to-back to open the draft.

These two players were highly regarded as top prospects leading up to the draft, and their selection at the top highlighted the depth of talent available in the 2023 class.

Additionally, the first round saw several other standout selections, including outfielders Max Clark (Detroit Tigers), Wyatt Langford (Texas Rangers), and Walker Jenkins (Minnesota Twins). These players were long viewed as the remainder of a five-player top-tier of talent, making them highly sought after in the draft.

Surprise Gems: Hidden Talent in Later Rounds

The biggest surprise of the first round came when high school shortstop Arjun Nimmala was selected as the No. 20 overall pick by the Toronto Blue Jays. In a deep class of high school shortstops with first-round tools, Nimmala’s selection ahead of other expected first-round picks was unexpected.

However, surprises in the MLB Draft don’t end with the first round. Later rounds often uncover hidden gems and under-the-radar talents. Many players who slipped in the draft due to various factors could still prove to be valuable additions to their respective teams.

Team Grades: Assessing Each Team’s Performance

Now, let’s dive into the team grades for the 2023 MLB Draft. Based on early impressions of their draft classes, we can assess how well each team performed in this critical event.

Here are the grades for all 30 teams:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks: A-
  • Atlanta Braves: C
  • Baltimore Orioles: B
  • Boston Red Sox: B+
  • Chicago Cubs: B
  • Chicago White Sox: B+
  • Cincinnati Reds: A
  • Cleveland Guardians: B+
  • Colorado Rockies: A
  • Detroit Tigers: B
  • Houston Astros: B
  • Kansas City Royals: C-
  • Los Angeles Angels: C
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: A
  • Miami Marlins: A-
  • Milwaukee Brewers: B+
  • Minnesota Twins: A
  • New York Mets: A
  • New York Yankees: B
  • Oakland Athletics: B
  • Philadelphia Phillies: B+
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: A+
  • San Diego Padres: B
  • San Francisco Giants: A+
  • Seattle Mariners: B
  • St. Louis Cardinals: B+
  • Tampa Bay Rays: A-
  • Texas Rangers: B+
  • Toronto Blue Jays: A
  • Washington Nationals: A+

Some teams managed to make exceptional picks, earning them high grades. Notably, the Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, and Washington Nationals stood out with their strategic selections.

Scouting and Analysis: Experts’ Predictions vs. Draft Results

Leading up to the draft, experts and analysts meticulously assess players’ skills and potential. Scouting reports play a crucial role in shaping teams’ draft strategies.

However, the actual draft often presents surprises and deviations from the expected outcomes. Players who were projected to go early may slip, while others rise unexpectedly. The balance between potential and risk becomes even more evident as the draft progresses.

Player Profiles: Spotlight on Key Draft Picks

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key draft picks from the 2023 MLB Draft:

Paul Skenes (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Paul Skenes was the No. 1 overall pick, and his selection was highly anticipated. The right-hander from LSU possesses exceptional pitching abilities, making him a promising prospect for the Pirates. With a powerful fastball and a diverse pitch arsenal, Skenes has the potential to be a future ace for Pittsburgh.

Dylan Crews (Washington Nationals)

Dylan Crews, the No. 2 overall pick, has displayed outstanding offensive skills during his time at LSU. As an outfielder, he brings power, speed, and defensive prowess to the Nationals. His ability to hit for both average and power makes him a valuable addition to Washington’s lineup.

The Future Stars: Projecting the Impact of 2023 Draftees

Looking ahead, it’s exciting to speculate on the potential impact of the 2023 draftees on Major League Baseball. Some players may make an immediate impact and rise to stardom, while others may take time to develop and flourish.

High school draftees, like Arjun Nimmala and other surprise picks, will face the challenge of transitioning to professional baseball. Their journey will depend on their development within their respective teams’ systems.

College players, such as Paul Skenes and Dylan Crews, are generally more seasoned and have a higher likelihood of a quicker path to the majors. Their performances in the minor leagues will determine when they get their call-up to the big leagues.


The 2023 Major League Baseball Draft has provided a glimpse of the future stars of the sport. With standout selections and surprises, each team’s draft performance will shape their journey towards success.

As the draftees embark on their professional careers, baseball enthusiasts eagerly await their development and impact on the game. The 2023 MLB Draft has laid the groundwork for the next generation of talent to shine on the biggest stage of the sport.

Baseball fans can now look forward to witnessing the rise of these young stars, from the first-round picks to the hidden gems found in later rounds. The 2023 MLB Draft has set the stage for an exciting future in Major League Baseball.

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